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WooSnap! Internet Search Windows 7 compatible
Windows XP, Vista
May 21, 2009
7917 kBytes
.NET 2.0

WooSnap! Changes how you find things on the Internet. Stop using that old browser that works basically like the browsers from 1993. WooSnap allows you to customize how you search and interact on the web. You get more meaningful results, faster, your way. Create your own categories, search dozens of sites at once, you decide how, WooSnap serves them up. Whether you are researching a paper for school, shopping for some shoes, or just wanted to check out whats new in the news around the World, WooSnap allows you to cut through the garbage and get what you want. 4,000,000,000 results aren`t any good if you can`t find what you want. WooSnap will even automatically translate sites in different languages , so you can access information, no matter what language, fast and easy. It`s so easy, it`s a WooSnap!

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