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Dackup data and backup utilities Windows 7 compatible
Shareware ($19.00)
Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, CE
Apr 17, 2009
772 kBytes

File Sync belongs to the number of backup utilities which not only perfectly perform the work but also don�t complicate user�s life creating for him convenient working conditions as much as possible.
File Sync is a data backup software and back up software. The primary program goal is to spend the comparison of two folders on which basis to synchronize their content that is to backup them. The work in the backup data program is being on the basis of the �task� principle - differently, the folder comparison is spent within the limits of the task that excludes difficulties while the analysis.
The start of each new task in the data backup software is carried out by the means of command File � New task located in the tool panel of the back up software. It�s necessary to notice that the role of the tool panel in the data backup software is practically minimum � it�s used for the back up software start and the tasks, the keeping of results, as well as the taking of help data. You can even receive the access to the settings in the program window.
As you�ve already understood the basic action place in the backup data program is the program window. In this you can download the folders for comparison, to carry out the comparative analysis and file synchronization, to set the backup data program work and many other things. Being one of the easiest in usage backup utilities File Sync has created maximum conveniences for user�s work having released him from excessive buttons, options and other commands. The basic buttons you�d know are Browse (to download the folders), Analyze (for folder comparison) and Sync (as it�s easy to guess for file synchronization.).
The work with File Sync that is one of the most convenient and functional backup utilities will deliver you maximum pleasure and bring the necessary result in a few seconds.

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