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EyeCare Player Windows 7 compatible
Shareware ($29.99)
Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Nov 10, 2009
11852 kBytes
CPU: 2.2 GHz or faster Intel Dual Core or equivalent AMD processor

By making the most of Dual Core CPU`s and its patented powerful algorithm, EyeCare Player is able to tune every frame of your favorite videos and adjust the brightness and contrast only in the elements that should be adjusted. By this, only the part of the videos which is unnatural to the eyes will be tuned. It also uses its engine to enhance the smallest details like strands of hair, to make them more noticeable and natural for your eyes. With EyeCare Player you will be able to store and playback your favorite YouTube videos just with a right click, the quality of the videos played will be 2x with EyeCare`s engine.

EyeCare Player uses an exclusive 6 region color enhancer to analyze frames and the amounts of red, green, blue, cyan, yellow and magenta are calculated to provide the colors most natural to your eyes. Eyecare player also includes a useful MPEG noise reduction feature. You may expect to see undesired artifacts like "mosquito noise".

It is very important the fact that EyeCare Player uses the power of your CPU and not your GPU to emulate silicon chips used in TV`s like Sony WEGA, the same as other programs emulate the chips in gaming consoles. When you buy a new computer you are given a powerful processor, but unless you want to spend extra money you will be given an average GPU (Graphic Card). By using your CPU and not of your GPU it makes the most quality accessible to everyone.

EyeCare`s UI is simple and intuitive and doesn`t bother the user at all with a lot of annoying buttons and options around; it is made for its main purpose, helping the user and being as less noticeable as possible. It also includes an awesome privacy option, by hitting just a key combination, EyeCare player vanishes from the screen completely.

It also supports the latest Blu-Ray players as well a wide range of video formats all of them improved by its powerful engine. Why not to use EyeCare Player to play them and enhance their quality?

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