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Shareware ($45.00)
Windows 98, 2000, XP
Feb 5, 2009
490 kBytes
32Mb RAM, 6Mb disk space, any Windows OS

MySQL to MSSQL Database Conversion tool easily convert database records from MySQL to MSSQL Server databases. DB converter supports primary key, unique key constraints, null values, default values and indexes. MySQL to MSSQL database conversion application easily and quickly convert data base records and overwrite converted database records into existing My SQL database. User can convert their My SQL database single table records and converts multiple tables’ records from MySQL Server to MS SQL server database.
MySQL to MSSQL Database Converter Features
• MySQL to MSSQL database converter software migrates whole MySQL database or selected table records of database.
• User can convert database into new destination database or merge the converted database records into existing destination database.
• Database converter Utility is fully capable to convert single tables or more than one table records.

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