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SMARTLOCK Windows 7 compatible
Shareware ($98.00)
Windows 7, XP, Vista
Oct 8, 2011
18515 kBytes
Same with AutoCAD 2004-2014

SmartLock your designs, locking AutoCAD dwg file,protect intellectual property.

SmartLock is a powerful tool to protect drawing file, keeping others from modifying or copying your designs, protecting your copyright and enhancing the value of your dwg. SmartLock is the easiest way to lock your dwg files.Locking hundreds of files (about 1M each)only needs a few minutes(about 1-2mins).

Easy to use,only 3 step:
1. Select files ;2. Assign folder to hold locked files;3.Do locking.

1. Maintain control of your intellectual property and share it with those who need it.
2. Collaboration needs, there is no more concerns of the reviewed drawings has been changed unexpected, while the mark up is still clear and easy to be enclosed.
3. Assign different authorities for different user.

Authority Types:
Free to read (read only,no change,no copy etc.)
Additional Password protect
Hard USB key for DWG file(s)
Hard USB key & Additional Password
DWG files bind to specified computer(s)

Forbid re-save (Y/N)
Forbid explode (Y)
Forbid copyclip (Y/N)
Forbid copy & mirror (Y/N)
Forbid move / scale / rotate (Y/N)
Forbid plot,dwfout,pdf out (Y/N)
Forbid bitmap out (Y/N)
Forbid delete (Y/N)
Forbid trim / offset / extend / fillet / charm(Y/N)
Forbid object snap (Y/N)
Forbid grip edit (Y/N)
Forbid lineweight change (Y/N)
Forbid linetype change (Y/N)
Forbid linetypescale change(Y/N)
Forbid layer change(Y/N)
Forbid color change(Y/N)
Forbid measure distance & get area(Y/N)
Forbid append new object(Y/N)

Dwg copyrights` Owner recorded & watermark
Authority user recorded & watermark
publish date recorded & watermark
expired date recorded & watermark
Support AutoCAD 2004-2014
Plug-in For read is always free,support all version of AutoCAD

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