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IPCOMServer Download Button

If you want to place a download button for IPCOMServer on your website just insert the following code to your web.

In the past IPCOMServer was brought to you by ioX Solutions as Freeware. Since the recent closure of ioX Solutions, the source for IPCOMServer was taken over by TIGME.COM for further development.

To continue using this product you will have to register your copy of the product at the TIGME.COM website. The shareware version of this product will terminate any telnet sessions after 360 minutes of use and exit the program.

The commercial version entitles the user to install the software on one machine. You may execute as many instances of the software on one machine as you wish. Should you require the need to use IPCOMServer on more than one machine you must purchase an additional license for every extra host machine on your network. Every additional license still permit you to run multiple sessions of the software on one machine. Multiple sessions are used when more than one communications port must be accessed at the same time on one machine.

TIGME.COM will not accept any responsibility for damage to any of the end users hardware like modems attached to a telephone wire while there is lightning strikes, to name but an example.

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